Grain fed vs. Grass fed beef- Discussion

Grain fed vs. Grass fed beef

There are a variety of ways you can organize your writing, on grain fed vs grass fed beef but you may want to think about a structure like this: Explain the background to the situation and reference using one or two sources. Get specific about your topic and what has been discovered, researched, or explored. Reference appropriate sources. Discuss differing points of view or problems that exist in your topic area, and do this referring to appropriate sources. Explain why your research fills a gap, why it will show something new or different, or what matters about your topic. You may or may not have resources that will help you clarify this.  The Lit Review is in fact an argument, not just a review.  You are arguing in favor of your topic by using past research to show why your topic is valid.  However, do not be one-sided with your review of research and evidence.

Account for differences and problem areas. End the Lit review by listing your alternative hypotheses and the null hypothesis and a brief explanation supporting your prediction as you understand it in relation to what others have already discovered in relation to your topic.  A FEW CAUTIONS: Be aware of your biases and what is called “selection bias.” This is choosing only sources that support you and ignoring opposing views.  Your readers will be looking for your biases and calling you out in them, so consider how you think about your topic. Look at your sources and where they come from: are they adequate?  Are they serious enough and are the sources credible publications? Do they represent your area well? Are you being analytical and understanding the issues involved?  Don’t just go on a rant about your topic.


Use APA format for your entire Literature Review.  We’ll go over this in class in another section on Canvas. APA style covers all formatting issues, including the margins, titles, font type and size, appearance of your name and page numbers, etc.  Also cite your materials correctly in the text (parentheses with author and date) and a complete reference list (works cited). Make sure that every work or author you refer to in your text appears in the reference list.  Conversely, make sure that every bibliographic entry in the reference list appears in the lit review.

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