You are one of (3) three Line Managers in a unionized manufacturing plant of 400 employees. You are responsible for the Paper Cup line, a (3) shift, 6 day per week operation (Mon-Sat) that has 9 different stations on the line. Each shift has its own Shift Supervisor who also reports to you. Thus, you have 27 hourly employees and 3 salaried employees reporting to you. The shifts are as follows: First Shift – 7am-3pm Second shift – 3pm-11pm Third Shift – 11pm-7am

 You recently posted a notice changing the shifts for your line for the summer months rolling back the start and end times of the shifts by one hour. You gave (1) months notice before the change is to be effective. Thus, the new shifts are: First Shift 6am-2pm Second shift 2pm-10pm Third Shift 10pm-6am UNION REACTION The Union has just filed a grievance alleging that you violated the contract (collective bargaining agreement) when you changed the shift start and stop times. They allege that past practice should prevail—that the shifts have been the way they were for years and that you were required to sit down and negotiate this change with the Union before executing the change.

 ASSIGNMENT What are the steps you would take to respond to this grievance? Please provide a written plan not less than 200 words describing your intended action. You might consider: With whom, if anyone, inside the plant should you consult? With whom to consult with outside the plant? What to consider? Documents to review? Source document of guidance? Any legislation for guidance? Paper Format: Number of pages: Type of work: Type of paper: Sources needed Other ( ) 1 Double spaced Writing from scratch Course work No specific sources required Subject Management Topic Grievance Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details.

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