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Gun Violence in American Policing Background For Essay 1,. You developed your view on “ways of meeting oppression”. And in Essay 2 we analyzed the issue of racism against Black people in America . And the Black Lives Matter movement.. In this unit, we have looked at several readings based on questions we generated about causes and solutions of police violence in the USA, especially toward African Americans. These are the specific research questions that this essay should address: QUESTION 1: What are some examples of police violence in recent history, especially against black people? QUESTION 2: What training/education do police in America receive? Is this part of the problem? Does this need to be reformed or improved to solve the problem?.

QUESTION 3: Is racism part of what causes unacceptable levels of police violence, especially against black people? If so, what is the root of this racism? And how can we reduce it, especially in police behavior? QUESTION 4: How are police regulated in terms of how they use lethal force? And do police departments to be reformed in order to stop officers from misusing deadly force, and especially against black people?. NOTE: For this essay, you may choose to address some different questions about this topic in addition the questions above. And you must choose the order in which your essay discusses these topics (i.e., you must decide how to organize your body paragraphs).


Your job is to analyze and organize points and information from readings that you have chosen from online research and synthesize them while you present your position on the causes and solutions for the problem of police violence in the USA, especially toward African Americans. Your thesis statement (at the end of your introduction paragraph) must make it clear what you think are the most important causes for this problem. You may also choose to state the main solution(s) for this problem in the thesis statement, or you may choose to wait until near the end of your essay to introduce which solution(s) you think are best. Minimum Requirements: Write at least 4 pages (minimum 1000 words) in length.

Organize your paper as a traditional academic essay on the violence, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Use appropriately complex academic language, such as logical connectors, transition words, subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, and technical vocabulary that is appropriate to the topic. Demonstrate careful proofreading and editing for the grammar and style issues that we have covered in class thus far. You must use at least 5-6 sources from your internet-based research. These sources must be from reliable sources such as reputable news organizations, university research, government websites, and so on. Use of quotes and paraphrases from the secondary sources document following MLA guidelines.

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