CDC Marketing Issues – Application Project

CDC Marketing Issues

Application Project: CDC Marketing Issues General Information Background: The purpose of this project is to apply what you have learned in this class to a “real” healthcare environment. The CDC has been in the midst of dramatic environmental challenges including reduced funding, political influences and a global pandemic. For instance, The CDC epidemiologists that were embedded internationally to warn about emerging health threats were “defunded and withdrawn” before the corona virus was spread to the US. This slowed down a response and has cost lives. So, for the purposes of this project you should identify an area of Marketing related to the CDC and explore it. I am providing examples below, but you are not restricted to those ideas.

Your challenge is to choose an area that you are interested in and restrict it, so you don’t try to do too much in this paper. The CDC is massive, so there are a lot of possibilities. You might start by looking at their website and understanding the vast number of products/services that are offered.Examples:1. Product/services offered: You could categorize the services (portfolio analysis) offered by the CDC and how the range of services has been impacted by a specific environmental issue. Or choose one product (controllable variable) and explore how it has been impacted by external (uncontrollable variables) an example of this is the CDC publication: MMWR and how it was compromised by political interference. Consequently what services does the CDC offer to healthcare providers? In addition another example is communications relative to the pandemic (a specific service):

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Firstly how were they impacted by uncontrollable environmental influences?. 2. Place/Distribution Where and how are the services of the CDC delivered? Who has access and how?. How are state and local public health agencies and centers part of the distribution of products/services? 3. Promotion what is the image of CDC?. How is it branded?. What needs to change to fulfill its mission and goals? How are health messages promoted and distributed by CDC?. Who are the target markets for promotion of the services of CDC? This should be specific to one area because it is too massive to address all aspects. 4. Price How are the services/products funded and/or priced?. It is a government service, but comes with a “price” to taxpayers. Consequently how has funding impacted the services of CDC? Steps: 1. Choose a topic area related to the CDC.

Then, narrow it down so that it is not too much to cover in one paper. Create an outline. 2. Your next step is to find research or articles related to the topic. Use reputable new sources and publications. Because CDC has had a rough time over the recent past, newspapers and news media outlets are great sources of breaking news and investigative reports. Journals can also provide great sources. Use the FSU library and their staff to find articles related to your topic.3. Write your paper in a general research paper format after you have gathered the information you want. Use your own words to communicate what you have found.4. Finally use APA style of reference your work in the body of the paper and at the end.5..

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