Health Promotion- Cultural Diversity

Health Promotion

Discussion board prompts for NSG 3200 weeks 1-   Week 4 – Discussion 1.This week as we explore cultural diversity. It is important to realize the impact culture plays in health promotion. It is essential that we are culturally competent to ensure we provide the best possible care. And services to all of the patients we serve regardless of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. In addition culture is embedded in one’s worldview and perception about health yet we often overlook how culture plays a role in individual’s health outcomes.  Therefore in this week’s discussion, you will choose a vulnerable population. Based on a cultural group, race, ethnicity, gender, etc). Find a journal article (less than five years old) that pertains to the chosen cultural group and answer the following questions. 1.      From the vulnerable population you selected. Please describe in paragraph form including how their belief systems. And view of health is intact.

Be sure to include a minimum of one socioeconomic factor. And one regional and ethnic factor that will be in consideration when evaluating the fitness promotion needs of this population. Define health disparity in your own words and describe one health disparity that affects or can affect the culture you have selected? 3.      From the health disparities you identified in prompt two, which of these would be of the highest priority to screen for in your assessment of this individual?   Week 5 – Discussion 1   This week as we continue our discussion on fitness promotion we will begin to look at literacy. Fitness literacy affects everyone we treat.

In Summary

When thinking of health literacy and your current practice or experiences based on the readings and content this week answer the following prompts: 1. Firstly describe an issue where health literacy posed a problem in your practice or experiences-describe this in paragraph format. 2.     Provide and describe two evidence-based strategies that can be used to improve a patient’s understanding of what “health literacy” is.

Support this response with a scholarly source with intext citations and APA formatted reference.    Week 6 – Discussion 1 There are a variety of theories and models that are utilized in health promotion and disease prevention.   The theories and models (see article and websites below and review Chapter Three of your text) are used in development of programs to provide a way to understand and explain health behavior.   This understanding will guide program efforts in strategy selection for the programs. Finally for this week’s discussion pick one health behavior model or theory and answer the following questions

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