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New York Presbyterian Hospital

Title of project: Are Informed Consent Policies Being Effectively Enforced in Accordance to 16 CFR § 1028.116 at New York Presbyterian Hospital?. Section Headings Introduction• State the purpose of the research paper. To determine if New York Presbyterian Hospital is being compliant in regards to informed consent in accordance to 16 CFR § 1028.116. State the purpose of the regulation. What specific problem or issue was the regulation supposed to address when it was enacted. Legal Information Current State of Compliance. Consequently what is the current compliance status of New York Presbyterian Hospital. Additionally how do they measure this compliance at New York Presbyterian Hospital?

Firstly what is the current compliance when you compare to other facilities?. Secondly what standards or benchmark are in use to measure successful compliance (most facilities may aim at 100% compliance. In addition  typical facilities fall within a small range of acceptable compliance. What things can New York Presbyterian Hospital improve compliance?. You must include a table indicating compliance before and after your intervention. Discussion and Conclusion. A discussion of your findings based on the information provided in the above section. Discuss recommendations and/or action plan to address problems/issues regarding compliance. Quality and Quantity of Research Sources. You are going to demonstrate that you did conduct appropriate research from scholarly resources’.

Further Instructions

Cite a minimum of four sources . C. Citing must be proper. You must cite throughout your SMAC. Ethical Issues What ethical issues are raised by your analysis, i.e., equity, patient rights (consent, capacity, disclosure), rationing care by limited services, selection of patients of program services, use of limited resources, unequal or preferred services or program, misleading or deceptive marketing practices, fraud and abuse etc. Addressing Managerial Abilities Discuss how you have developed your planning and Efficiency Orientation abilities through completing this research paper.

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