Healthcare laws and policies

Overview Healthcare laws and policies play a major role in the healthcare industry. The various regulatory bodies protect the public from several health risks and provide numerous programs for public health and welfare. Together, these regulatory agencies protect and regulate public health at every level. It is essential for healthcare professionals to be familiar with and understand these laws to know when they apply and how they are applied. Because these laws and policies are made by and for the healthcare system stakeholders, it is essential to understand the perspective of each stakeholder. It is important to understand how these laws and policies impact stakeholders and how stakeholders influence the formation and reformation of these laws and policies. Understanding health laws and policies is essential in healthcare for appropriate decision making and implementation. This assignment will help you prepare for both Project One and Project Two and eventually for your future role in your chosen field. Prompt In this assignment, you will review the module resources and write a short paper discussing your understanding of health law and policy in the United States. You will also share your thoughts on the value conflicts between stakeholders and the impact on public health services. You must cite at least three sources to support your claims. For additional help with completing this assignment, refer to the Shapiro Library Guide: Nursing – Graduate item in the Start Here module. You may also use the Online Writing Center, located in the Academic Support module. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria: Importance of Policy and Law: Explain the importance of policy and law in healthcare. Impact of Policy and Law: Provide a clear and concise description of the impact of health policy and law on the healthcare system and stakeholders. Consider the following questions in your response: What are some of the positive and negative impacts of health policy and law on the healthcare system? What are some of the positive and negative impacts of health policy and law on stakeholders? Why are these impacts essential to be aware of? Stakeholder Value Conflict: Define value conflict in your own words as it relates to healthcare and its stakeholders. Consider the following questions in your response: What are the two major causes of value conflict between stakeholders in the healthcare system, and why might these conflicts occur? Potential Impact of Value Conflict: Describe at least two potential impacts of stakeholders’ value conflict on the healthcare system. Consider the following question in your response: How might these impacts affect various stakeholders and their decision making? Guidelines for Submission Your submission should be a 2- to 3-page Word document. You must also include an APA-style title page. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and 1-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

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