Immune System-Homeostasis

 Immune System- Homeostasis

Homeostasis 3 working without input does not mean it doesn’t need any help from its owner. The owner of the immune system should help the immune system by eating, drinking healthy and exercising. The better the body is treated the happier the immune system. The mucus found in mouths and noses work in a similar manner by catching and trapping pathogens. So they may be expelled from the body. The internal innate defenses depend on the white blood cells and defensive proteins[Eri162]. There are two types of blood cells found in this system, the natural killer cells and the phagocytic cells. The natural killers work by detecting virus and cancerous cells then they release chemicals to kill these bad cells. Also the phagocytic cells work by engulfing bad cells, pathogens, left over waste and devour them through cellular eating.

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The last stage is the adaptive immunity phase relies heavily on lymph system for its functioning. The adaptive immunity has specialized cells that reacts to fight pathogens that have invaded the body before. So it has pathogen specific fighting techniques to destroy the invasive pathogen in a more efficient manner. This part of the immune system must be primed before it starts to work on fighting pathogens. The cells that must be primed or the b and t cells as they are the primary fighters for the adaptive immunity system and they recognize the threats they have dealt with before and remember what it took to fight the pathogens from their first encounters. The immune system function is important to the whole body and all of its organs as well as to the host.

A good functioning immune system protects everyone from pathogens that could cause light sickness to death and for the body to perform well it needs the organs to be in the best state of health that it can achieve. The immune systems job is super important to keep lungs, heart, kidneys and other organs functioning properly.

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