Intelligence- How Can We Increase it?

How can we increase our intelligence? (If you think we cannot, then make the case for this.)

English 101 Essay 1: Intelligence; “Saved”/ “You Can Grow Your Own Brain” (Text-Self) Description: Write an essay on ONE of the following. Use evidence from Malcolm X’s “Saved” or “You Can Grow Your Own Brain” as well as your own observations or experience to support your claims. Word limit: Approximately 500 words (2 pages). Highlight (underline or bold) your thesis and the point of each body paragraph in each draft. Choose one: How can we increase our intelligence? (If you think we cannot, then make the case for this.) How do learning strategies make us smarter? Make sure to describe a strategy that you have used in the past. Come up with your own essay prompt: Choose a topic in the text and write a question that asks for a position on that topic.

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Submit this to the Google Doc for possible essay questions and I will review them for approval. (No later than 2/19) Due dates: Peer Review via Discussion Board: A typed draft  of intelligence is due no later than Tuesday, February23. You will choose another student’s paper to peer review and use the peer review instructions to give them feedback. The final draft is due on via the submission link no later than March 2. If you need more time, let me know before the deadline. Consider the feedback from your classmates to revise your paper and then submit it for me to grade via the Turn-it-in link. What should be in your essay.

Your introduction has some context or background and a clear thesis Each body paragraph has a claim that develops your thesis Each example is described, then explained and linked to your thesis Each paragraph flows to the next and each moves your argument forward (a progression of ideas versus a repetition of the same point) Your conclusion summarizes your key points, restates your thesis, and looks toward the future Formatting requirements: Include a heading (name, class, section, assignment) Use double-spacing (I will NOT grade any paper that is single-spaced) Use 12-font, Times New Roman Use standard margins (1 inch all around) 4 or more paragraphs

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