Policing – Role in Reducing First Nations Suicide


How Policing can Help Reduce First Nations Suicide in Northern Communities

 Assess what the police can do differently in order to help reduce First Nations suicides in Northern Communities. Locate voices from Indigenous peoples, such as Elders, youth, and/or researchers, as well as locate evidence on what might be effective, and not effective. Based on the knowledge gathered, consider how the police might better support communities. The title of your paper must be reflective of the key theme of your paper. The introductory paragraph will begin with a solid statement that introduces the topic. You might want to begin with a statistic that highlights the urgency of an issue, a statement that shares a major concern, or sentence which provides a thought-provoking line about research evidence, as examples. This first sentence is important, as it will be the first sentence that aims to draw the reader into wanting to read your paper.

Further Description

The introduction will establish the context for your paper. It will outline your main points 7 and key argument, followed by preparing the reader for how you are going to be explaining your argument. This will be a roadmap for the reader. You want to tell them where the paper will be going, and what you plan on covering, and in what order. In addition to your introduction, you will prepare draft subtitles for your paper. These will be subtitles that will be devised based on what you found in your research for the annotated bibliography. You will want to come up with a logical way to present the material you found. To note, the final paper will include an introduction, body, and conclusion. So keep this in mind when preparing your subtitles.

Your first subtitle for example, will include the word “Introduction” in it. Followed by a few words that best describes a key aspect highlighted in your introduction. Throughout the body of your paper you will have 3 to 4 subtitles that will divide up your research findings into themes. These will be unique titles that you devise based on your research gathered. You will thematically group your research, and the subtitles will reflect these thematic groupings. Finally, you will have a conclusion, and again, like your introduction, your final subtitle will contain an indication that this is the final section, and include the words “Conclusion.” However, a well thought-out introduction, followed by draft subtitles must be submitted.

In Summary

Your introductory paragraph will be 400 words total, with a minimum of 350 words and a maximum of 410 words, not including subtitles or title page. Your subtitles will follow your introduction and will be in Bold, and the first letter of each word of your subtitles are to be in capital letters. Provide a brief description of the source, including its key conclusions. Assess how this source is relevant or useful to your research topic . Outline author information, indicating if one or all of the authors are Indigenous.

Also  state their Nation, ancestral heritage, or where they are from. Then compare and contrast this source to your other sources, including its differences and similarities. Offer a concluding statement that gives your overall impression of the source. This will be prepared in short paragraphs of 150 word minimum and 200 word maximum. Thus, you will prepare: • 10 of these short paragraphs, one that coincides with each your 10 chosen sources

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