Community – Effects of Random Acts of Kindness

How Random Acts of Kindness Affect the Community

Community – Effects of Random Acts of Kindness.  Please avoid using personal pronouns  Your broad topic is human habits, actions, and psychology and the impact on community based. On 1-3 random act(s) of kindness or paying it forward in some way. Then, observe the result. How did this action make you feel?. How did it make the person or people feel?. Observe any changes in people or atmosphere. What were the results? What are the causes and effects?. Why don’t more people help others or offer their time or resources? What are the issues in our society that could be fixed with simple acts of kindness?. Really design a study focusing on the analysis of individuals and their impact on their community – no matter how small. Analyze yourself as a starting point and find larger connections and patterns to other famous and well known individuals.

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Or just the human race in general to create well designed theories or illustrations of human actions, thoughts, concerns. And also various forms of dependence that define who we are as individuals but also as certain aspects of the population (age, gender, ethnicity, geographical location) and the world.  Ultimately, what do all humans in the community share? Where do you see positive aspects of humanity?. Where do you see areas that need solutions? How are we similar yet different from each other?. Chart your observations as you volunteer to fully explore your own habits. Then, compare your habits with others through interviewing someone you haven’t previously interviewed or cited in an essay – as well as surveying at least 3 people. You must also include at least 3 secondary sources –finding experts, authorities, and respected leaders  who discuss your same topic or at least address human habits and concerns.

Remember the goal of this essay is to really break down each aspect of your 2-4 points to fully understand yourself and humanity community –and then share that understanding and depth of thought with your readers. This essay is be at least 1100 words, be formatted correctly in APA format (running head, title page, abstract – not included in word count – headers [if applicable], charts or graphs [if desired], and include at least three alphabetized and correctly formatted secondary, scholarly sources on a Reference page (remember your primary sources are cited in the essay itself ONLY).

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