How revolutionary was the American Revolution

How revolutionary was the American Revolution

To begin with all of the lectures and coursework needed is found under the modules tab for HIS 461 Course in Canvas. DO NOT SUBMIT THE ESSAY, but use the sources on Canvas to complete. NO outside source material should be used. The monographs mentioned include. Forced Founders by Woody Holton, The Martyr and the Traitor by Virginia Anderson, and Taming. Democracy by Terry Bouton You should include information from lectures. Documents, and the three monographs (Holton, Anderson, and Bouton) in your answer where appropriate. Be as specific as possible in your essay, using terms, dates, and other material from the lectures, your notes, and other class materials. This is the time to show me you know this material.

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You are free to use the class PowerPoints, your notes. Also the class readings (primary documents and three monographs) as sources to write your essay. But you should NOT use outside sources to craft your answer. You do not need to cite anything from the PowerPoints or lectures, but if you directly quote or paraphrase from the primary documents or a monograph. You must cite that with a footnote (no bibliography is necessary). See the study guide for footnote examples for the books in the class. The Question: “How revolutionary was the American Revolution?” The definition of “revolutionary” for this question is “a quick, fundamental change to political situation or rights, economic conditions, and/or social conditions.

“Be sure to first make an overall argument about the Revolution as a whole and then examine the question for four (4) of the following involved groups: American elites American middling sort (or middle class)American working class or poor American soldiers American women Enslaved people and/or free Blacks Native Americans Loyalists the British

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