Urbanization- Environmental Pollution

How Urbanization Has Led To Increased Environmental Pollution

Finish your research paper. The final paper should be 9-10 pages, with a separate Works Cited or References page correctly formatted in MLA 8 or APA 7. The paper should cite a minimum of 10 primary sources, with no factual/ foundational information from secondary sources. Structure the paper with an introduction leading to a thesis statement. Then followed by an extended discussion of your argument. The ideas should be structured in 2-4 paragraph sections, with each section presenting an issue related to your topic, fully contextualizing/explaining the issue, and providing data, statistics, evidence, and examples to support that idea. At least once citation should appear in EVERY body paragraph.

Paragraphs should all be in CEA structure (Claim or topic sentence, Evidence from a primary source followed by a correctly formatted in-text citation. Analysis Рyour own words discussing, analyzing, expanding on, or further explaining the evidence.) Cite source material may, alternatively, using a correct signal phrase. All paragraphs should end with your own thoughts/ideas rather than source material. Academic writing does not allow for the use of personal narrative; therefore, your own experiences as well as first and second person (I, we, our, me, my, you) should not appear anywhere in the paper, including the introduction and conclusion. Write the entire paper  in 3rd person.

Further Description – Urbanization

The paper should be as specific as possible. Avoid ideas that reference society, all Americans, students, children, etc. in favor of specific ideas supported by data and concrete details. Generalizations to a particular demographic group are particularly problematic and papers that include generalizations based on demographics will not be accepted for grading. Finally, edit your paper so that it meets the writing requirements for English 101. Sentences, word choice, and punctuation should be correct, accurate, and never interfere with meaning. Papers that do not meet the minimum writing fluency requirements for English 101 will not be graded.

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