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Human Reproduction, please see attachments for details. Anatomy and Function of Male and Female Reproductive System. Both accessory and primary. Please see the attachments. It is in bullet point format please refer to attachment. As I have completed parts of the work. NOT ESSAY FORMAT. Please follow the format that I have completed and just continue from there. Thank you. Please have a look at Assignment Brief attachment as it is the questions that need to be answered. Please look at indicative content as that is everything that needs to be included. It is not essay format rather in either PowerPoint format or the write up format that I have included. You can continue from there as it is my own work.

Human Reproductive system

Hello Helen, Thank you for your email and for revising my work and rectifying the situation. My topic is “Human Reproductive System” 3/13/2021 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 4/6 It is not an essay but a set of questions that is being answered. In order to answer them to meet the criteria of the assignment I must include everything at a minimum in the indicative content which I have attached and some other information. Which I have put in the “feedback” attachment. Included the structure and function of each reproductive organ (there is a list provided ) for both the male and female. The primary organs need to be discussed . All the organs functions need to be included .

Gametogenesis needs to be included : both love sis and spermatogenesis and the product of these (and the function of the end product) and the purpose of this process. Hormones within the reproductive system for both male and female and the menstrual cycle. Fertilisation and Pregnancy needs to be discussed (please see the indicative content for more information) Also pregnancy screening/counselling available and genetic disorders. Which I have provided links for within the chat and can be easily accessed. I have provided links throughout within the chat and within the forms I uploaded so can the writer refer to this as it would make more sense. Thank you for all your help Helen and assistance. I look forward to seeing the revised work.

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