Humanity- Individualism vs Collectivism


Humanity 101 MIDTERM    General Directions-There are 7 questions; you must answer 5 of them. Do not answer more than 5 because you won’t receive extra credit. Each answer should be roughly 1 typed page long (they could be longer but if you write 1/3rd of a page for an answer, that isn’t enough detail.)  In total, the paper should be about 5 typed pages long. Obviously midterms MUST BE TYPED and proofread. Each question has specific directions, and all questions require the use of specific examples. DO NOT use examples from the text, my lectures, or other students; you must be the source of any examples you use. Choose any 5 questions you want.  Questions In your own words, explain the 3 stages of knowing and use a sample situation to show how people in each of the 3 stages would respond to it.

Be sure that you both explain each stage in general terms and then explain how each example fits that stage of humanity. Do not say that kids are Stage 1, teens are Stage 2, and adults are Stage 3; that’s too simplistic and also inaccurate. Explain the difference between collectivism and individualism then give 4 examples (2 of collectivism and 2 of individualism) to illustrate the differences. Explain how each example illustrates the cultural difference. Make sure differences are CULTURAL differences; in essence, don’t write that a sports team is collectivist! Define egocentrism and sociocentrism and provide and explain 2 examples of each. Define 3 types of logical fallacies and give an example of each. Combine our discussions of cultural differences and perceptions by illustrating how you or someone else perceived someone differently because of culture— you can define culture as being from another country.

In Summary

Being of another race, religion, or ethnic group and humanity; or even being from a substantially different part of the country. Use at least 3 examples to show how these cultural differences created false or misleading perceptions. Specifically explain each circumstance. Choose two situations that reflect the 2 reasoning patterns explained on page 472, label each one pattern A or B and explain how your example fits the pattern. Choose a problem or question and apply the scientific method to solving or answering it. Explain the problem/question then describe each of the five steps related to solving/answering it.

Grading-The mid-term is worth 25% of your grade. If we think of that 25% as 25 points, each question is worth 5 points. 4 of the 5 points are based on whether you answer the question, relevance of examples, and clarity of explanation. The other point is based on word choice, correctness, and organization.

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