Humans and Biosphere – Impacts Analysis

Humans and Biosphere – Impacts Analysis

Write a report, describing two different examples of human impacts on the biosphere.  Also, discuss the ways in which those two impacts may be managed. This should be done by describing scientifically two examples of human impacts on any of the components of the biosphere. Use a systems approach in your account. To illustrate both impacts, use a case study for each. Case studies selected may relate to a local, state, regional or continental system or any other system as applicable. Discuss the options used to manage those particular impacts. Alternatively, those that reduce or alleviate their effect. The aim of this report is to demonstrate your scientific understanding of how human activity has impacted the biosphere. Additionally, the management issues and responses associated with those impacts.

Humans and Biosphere

Your assignment should be submitted in the form of a written report. Use academic citations  throughout the report. Relevance to module learning outcomes. As the biosphere has inter-linkages with other components of the Earth system you may also draw on material from Units 2 to 5 and their key readings. Learning Outcomes from these units include understanding. Firstly, the main concepts of environmental science, including the concept of the Earth system and its main components (the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere. Secondly, cryosphere and biosphere) and critically appraise the relevant importance of each of these to environmental management and public policy. Lastly, the main approaches to, and principles of, environmental management, and to compare and contrast the importance and practical utility of these.

Assessment criteria: This assessment requires a clear and concise scientifically based written report applying the information you have gained from the module. Answers that score highly will be ones that demonstrate: • Depth of scientific and environmental management understanding of the topic area including application of systems thinking • Use of evidence to support arguments • Quality of integration of case study examples • Legibility and structure • Referencing

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