Identifying a Strategic Plan Issue

Topic: Identifying a Strategic Plan Issue


For this class that I’m in we are developing a strategic plan or an unmet need and creating a solution within our organization. Therefore, my professor will approve my current unmet need  and must follow these exact guidelines. Also, my current unmet need is figuring out how to decrease spending on patient’s who need sitters during their admission. Patient’s who are combative, agitate, restrain, or suffer from delirium have a patient sitter accompany them. At the bedside in order to maintain both staff and patient safety. The current problem is that my hospital (Hoag hospital in Newport Beach) is over exceeding their budget. And spending alot on these patient sitters to be staff.

Further Guidelines on the strategic planning

My solution is integrating what’s we call a virtual sitter (Or also the Tele Sitters) and it’s a camera monitor machine. Thus it sits in a patient’s room and the tech who is watching from another room has access. To monitor up to twelve patient’s at once on their screen -Historical analysis of issue. Explanation of how evidence from the literature supports the need to address this issue (Note: Include appropriate resources.) – This is where the majority of the references need to be placed.

 Per our professor he wants a one sentence summary of the reference and compare how it will work for the strategic plan of integrating virtual sitters -Past attempts by various individuals and groups to address this issue (This needs to include other hospitals that have tried to integrate this system and have had or found success with it) -Stakeholders who should be included in the strategic planning process -Financial implications for the organization

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