Immigration Law – Writing Assignment

Immigration Law

1. Suppose that Claudia lives in Uganda but wants to live in the United States permanently. She is given permission to legally do so. Meanwhile, Ramon, who lives in Portugal, wants to visit the United States during the summer and then return to Portugal. Finally, Niles, a citizen and resident of the United States, wishes to permanently settle in England, from where his ancestors hail. In what way are each of these people emigrants, immigrants, or nonimmigrants?2 Wendy and Jackie do not know each other, but they have a few things in common. They are both citizens and residents of Iceland and wish to visit the United States during the summer. Wendy is married and has three children. They all live together in a large home. She also has a steady, full time job.

Jackie, on the other hand, is single with no children, has a part time job, and a one year lease on an apartment. What type of factors would be examined to determine whether Wendy or Jackie would be issued a nonimmigrant visa? Who has the better chance to get one? Why?3. James and Joanne face a problem: James is a U.S. citizen who fell in love with Joanne, an alien, while vacationing overseas. The two had a whirlwind romance and married only three months after their first date. They returned to the United States, and James filed a relative petition for his new wife. Six months passed since James filed the petition. Now, the couple is approaching their first wedding anniversary, and they no longer want to be married to each other.

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They realize that the marriage is over, but that they did not enter into for immigration purposes. You are convinced that they married out of love. Joanne is afraid that her LPR status will not become permanent, and James is very supportive of her immigration situation. If they get a divorce, they do not want to hide that from DHS. How should you proceed?4. The New York Times wants to hire Graham for its Washington, D.C. bureau because of Graham’s specialty in international politics and economics. Graham is an alien and wishes to gain LPR status through employment-based immigration. In which preference category would Graham most likely be classified if:

A. He has an internationally syndicated weekly political talk show seen on television in over twenty countries. B. He holds a PhD in political science. C. He holds a baccalaureate in economics.5.Paulina is an illegal alien currently in the United States. She has no means of obtaining her LPR status through any of the traditional ways. She has heard about the immigration lottery and would like you to help her fill out the “application.” How difficult of a process is it? Should a legal professional charge for this service?

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