Implement STEM education in schools-research solution

Proposal to implement STEM education in schools.

You are required to write a proposal to implement Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics(STEM) education in schools. A strategic plan with NO MORE THAN 2500 words (main body) to the school principal(s) or school board(s). To implement STEM education in school(s) in the coming three years. For restructuring the school(s) involved to cope with the change in the contemporary world. Also,you need to analyze the current situation and the challenges ahead, as well as potential solutions.

Generally,to effectively and systematically guide the process of planning, organizing and evaluating the project. You are required to apply at least one related model of implementing STEM education at school or network level. For instance,Integrated STEM Education Model discussed in Session three. Most importantly, I will target on ONE AREA as the key concern of the project. That is, a one sub-factor in Integrated STEM Education Model discussed in Session 3.

Proposal to implement STEM education in schools.

Also, increase STEM content and pedagogical knowledge for educators (MY FOCUS).  The paper MAY consist of the following parts depending on the topic and the design of the proposal.One, the project needs which may include the aim(s), innovative element(s) alignment with school-based and or students’ needs. Two, the project feasibility which include  key concept (s) / rationale(s) of the project and applicant’s readiness or ability. Three, implementation timeline. For instance,implementation period, project activities.

Four,details of project activities which include the activity name, content, number of sessions and duration, teachers’ involvement and/or hired personnel. Five, equipment / construction works. Six, the innovative element(s).  Seven, the features of the school-based curriculum. Eight, the budget which should be simple and part of appendixes. In addition the proposal to implement STEM education should have the expected project outcomes. Challenges ahead, as well as the potential solutions. Last but not the least, the cited publications supporting your arguments. For the rest, it can be more precise and concise.

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