Improving Relationships

Improving Relationships

This is a college class that I  take called Introduction Of Speech…the teacher told me I  can choose any skill I  would like to work on. And to  Follow the assignment layout to help you know what to include. I am looking for someone who will make it interesting…I have to as well present it to on virtual and read it. Looking for someone who will make it fun interesting and personal. You don’t have to cite anything unless you will like to. teacher notes also here : You will choose a relationship to practice a communication skill set you have learned this semester. You will apply what you have learned in class, text, and your relationship.

You can either do an informal presentation to the class in the final two weeks, or you can complete a 1,000 word written paper. In part 1 of the project, you should explain the background on the relationship (how it started, some characteristics of it, and the stage it is at in the stages model.

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Remember both people could be at two different stages.) In part 2, pick an aspect of the relationship you want to work on (such as managing your nonverbal or effective listening or conflict resolution). And describe the approach you plan to take. Use material from class, notes, and the text to specifically deconstruct and describe the challenges you see. Which communication skills you plan to apply, and how you will do so. Part 3 will describe the attempt to make these changes over a two week period. Explain in detail what communication skills you attempted. Was the communication effective—why or why not?.

If it was effective, describe the outcome and what you might work on next. If it wasn’t, what could you do differently next time?. Since communication is irreversible, what was the effect on the relationship simply by your attempt- whether it was effective or not?. The rubric is worth 100 points, but the project is worth a total of 10 points on your final grade. So, whatever you earn on the rubric, multiple it by .10, and that is your final score.

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