Individual Success Plan- Language of Informatics

Individual Success Plan: Language and Theories of Informatics

Preconference Evaluation: Individual Success Plan (ISP) The Individual Success Plan (ISP) assignment in this course requires your collaboration with the course faculty early on to establish a plan for successful completion of mutually identified and agreed-upon specific deliverables for your programmatic requirements. Programmatic requirements are: (1) completion  practice immersion hours they require , (2) completion of work that associates with program competencies, and (3) work that associates with completion of your Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) Project. We intend a preconference meeting for the learner and preceptor/mentor to review course- and learner-specific learning objectives: the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the learner and preceptor/mentor during this practice immersion experience.

All faculty and preceptor/mentor information will be given to each party by the learner. Any course or program information requested by the preceptor/mentor will be provided by the learner. During this meeting, the learner and preceptor/mentor will discuss the course and practice immersion goals, including any projects that are to take place. The faculty will review the submitted document and must approve proposed projects at this time. The faculty will also send an introductory email to the preceptor/mentor. General Requirements: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment as it pertains to deliverables due in this course. Locate and download Individual Success Plan (ISP) and Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) timeline documents in the DNP PI Workspace.

Further Description

Review the DNP Program Milestones document in the DNP PI Workspace and identify which domains, competencies, and milestones apply to this course. Note: Not all courses have milestones. Determine what practice immersion experiences you plan to seek in order to address each competency. Include how many hours you plan to set aside to meet your goals. Learners will apply concepts from each of their core courses to reflect upon, critically examine, and improve current practice . We also require students to integrate scholarly readings to develop case reports that demonstrate increasingly complex and proficient practice. Use the ISP to develop a personal plan for completing your practice immersion hours and how competencies will be met. Show all of the major milestones and deliverables in the timeline.

Within the ISP, ensure you identify specific deliverables which can include the following: individualized DNP practice immersion contracts; comprehensive log of practice immersion hours applied to doctoral-level learning outcomes; learner evaluations; preceptor/mentor evaluations; current and updated CV; scholarly activities; GCU DNP competency self-assessment; reflective journal; course goals and plan for how competencies and practice immersion hours will be met; faculty and preceptor/mentor approvals of course goals and documented practice immersion hours; and DPI Project milestones. We require  an ISP , unless you have a mentor, a mentor signature is not necessary for this course.

Additional Description

A preconference and a post conference/evaluation between learners and preceptors/mentors are mandatory for all learners enrolled in all DNP courses (from DNP-815A on). Conferences may be conducted face-to-face or via technology. A copy of the wet-ink or digitally (digital identifier) signed document must be uploaded into the classroom no later than the end of Topic 1.Overall course- and learner-specific objectives. Discuss these objectives during each conference, as learners are responsible for completing all experiences as a mandate for the program. Finally we require Doctoral learners to use APA style for their writing assignments


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