Industrial epidemic – Tobacco Industry

Industrial epidemic.

The research paper must be on an “industrial epidemic.” In this paper you must compare the activity of the tobacco industry with another major industry that has also had a major negative impact on public health. You can choose one of four industries associated with major health crises facing us today: (1) prescription opioid makers and the opioid epidemic; (2) alcohol producers and deaths and poor health resulting from alcohol; (3) Big sugar (the sugar producers/soft-drink/snack food and breakfast cereal industries) and the epidemic of obesity and diabetes; or (4) gun manufacturers and gun deaths. You may choose another “industrial epidemic” with the instructor’s permission. The research papers should be approximately 10 double-spaced pages not counting sources, and you may have additional endnotes and appendices.

Additional Instructions

Papers must have at least 20 academic sources such as scientific journals. A book chapter counts as one source and must have an independent citation. The citations can be in any form, but for journal articles they must list all authors, the title, the journal name (and volume and issue number if they apply), and page numbers. Books require name, year, publisher, and publisher’s location. Book chapters should also provide the title of the chapter and the pages of the chapter. In-depth investigative reports seven pages or longer by journalists are also acceptable and should be cited like journal articles. Web-based only citations should include the author of the work, the title of the source in quotation marks, the web site name in italics, the publisher, the posting date, and finally the date of access.

Further Description

All data/evidence presented in the paper must be cited, and that citation must have a page number so that the reader can easily check the original source (for web sources, provide a paragraph number if there are no page numbers). Improper citations will result in deductions from the research paper’s grade, and the student must redo all citations in the proper form in order to receive any grade for the paper. Pdfs of 20 sources must be uploaded to the Moodle page. If you are using a hardcopy, you must scan the article or book chapter to make a pdf. All pages of the research paper must be numbered.

Students must upload a copy of the paper to Moodle. For information about the tobacco industry you must read and cite: Proctor, Robert. The Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and the Case for Abolition. 2012 University of California Press. Pp. 1-23, 49-55, 289-339. Proctor cannot count as of one of your 20 sources

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