Industrialization – Northeast United States


Industrialization in the Northeast produced great benefits and also major problems. What were they? Who benefited and who suffered? Did the benefits outweigh the problems, or vice versa? In the 1830’s, the Northeast United States had achieved a booming industrial, and commercial sector. The benefits were easy to see, the revolution created a atmosphere that helped Americans quickly produce larger quantities of goods for the whole of the nation. Goods were being produced so quickly, and in such large quantities sometimes goods were even sold to the international market. The United States even had less of a dependence on foreign imports now than during the times of the colonial era, which meant more money was being generated for the local economy. Some negative effects were created during these times too. New class divisions emerged creating economic, and social inequalities.

Areas around these industrial, and commercial sector had turned into a crowded urban areas inhabited by low wage workers who did not benefit from the new economy. “By the 1830s, the area had become a slum, home to widespread poverty, crime, and disease.” (“9.1 Early Industrialization in the Northeast – U.S. History | OpenStax” n.d.)Those who benefited from the new economy were the merchants, and the artisans. The merchants were company owner, factory owners, and wealthy Providence industrialist. The artisans are hardworking, have skills,  and have experience in  craft work who creates goods by hand. Those who suffered were the low wage workers both adults, and children. Factories more often than not did not allow employees to sit down. In the mills the temperatures were extremely hot, and humid in the summer. Finally in the winter workers are often  shivering in the cold.

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In these environments the workers’ health started to deteriorate. Workers adult, and children  face punishment which was common practice in factories. The abuse could be so extreme that children sometimes died as a result of these injuries. It’s hard to say whether the benefits outweigh the problems, but I think the benefits did out way the problems. The abusive punishment was completely unnecessary. The overall economic boom to the industrial, and commercial sector did help the United States become a manufacturing power house. This helps improve daily life for many of the citizens, and encourages the citizens to being settling in new lands they discover. References: “9.1 Early Industrialization in the Northeast – U.S. History | OpenStax.” n.d. Accessed April 15, 2021.

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