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Informative Memo

Submit Informative Memo Guidelines: INFORMATIVE MEMO. PROJECT GUIDELINES SCENARIO For this assignment. To begin with you will assume the role of a team supervisor whose company is about to conduct business with an overseas organization. In addition your task is to prepare your fellow employees to engage in effective communication with this new client. Accordingly, you must do the following. 1) Firstly research the culturally specific aspects of your client’s communication practices. 2) Secondly note any difficulties or misunderstandings that could arise in your company’s interactions with this organization. 3) Thirdly develop guidelines to ensure respectful and productive communication with the client. 4) Consequently write an informative memo to your team wherein you report your research findings and share your guidelines.

Please select one of the organizations listed in this handout (see the section titled “Clients”). Therefore, research the company as well as its location/cultural region. Questions to guide your inquiry: What communicative conventions are associated with this region?. What are the dos and don’ts of writing or speaking within your client’s cultural context?. Are there any potentially awkward communication-related situations of which your company should be aware?. If so, how might your team gracefully respond to such situations?. You are welcome to consult any textual, audio, or video sources (whether academic, journalistic, or professional) that you deem credible and useful. Below you will find several potential areas of focus; however, your research might suggest alternative possibilities for the informative memo.

In Summary

Ideally, your informative memo should address 3-6 key issues. Reader and writer responsibility. Clarity and ambiguity. Formality and informality. Individualism and collectivism. Use of emotion . Concepts of politeness/rudeness . Concepts of time . Gender roles . Sensitivity levels about religion, politics, etc. Concepts of humor . Levels of directness/indirectness ● Amount of information/detail expected . Types of information/detail expected .  And finally Physical barriers (reliability of internet service, national holidays, working hours, etc.)

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