International relations – Annotated Bibliography

International relations

SYSTEMATIC LITERATURE REVIEW – ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY INSTRUCTIONS To help you answer your research question, review the sources in your Systematic Literature Review – Initial List of References and generate an annotation for each source. Each annotation must provide a narrative account of the following: the nature of the studies assessed, the type of data used, the methodology, and the findings that were generated. Quality annotations: Elaborate on points of commonality and difference among the voices on the subject. Identify points of controversy and implications for arriving at an answer to your research question.• Assess the merits of each argument rendered to arrive at points that are indisputable. International relation in the field of political science refers to the study of the relationship among different states.

In addition discussing the question of foreign policy and diplomacy between nations and also states. International politics is based on different issues firstly law,  secondly economy, and finally security. Moreover, the issues of foreign policy are discussed with references to theory and politics. The scope of international relations moves towards the peak of the New Age. Therefore the field offers excellent opportunities and a sphere in the economy. To understand the issues and conflict in international relations, there is a need to discuss the event with references to international relations theories. The IR theory is based on the idea that the international system is based on some particular form of politics. As we can  additionally discuss, there are two main theories in international relations.

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Further these theories are realism, liberalism, neo-realism, and neo-liberalism. Moreover, there are more theories such as English theory, modernity, feminism, and post-modernism. Vaughan-Williams, N. (2015). “New Materialisms, discourse analysis, and International Relations. Consequently a radical intertextual approach.” explains; therefore the primary reason for discussing the practical approaches towards international relations is based on the International relation theories. These theories explain how the event has happened and how it can problem are solved. In case there is war or question of peace, this kind of issue can only be solved under the lens of international relation theories. Thus as realist thinker says, anarchy at the international arena is the reason of the war, and finally it can only be solved by better diplomacy.

In this case, liberals say that the lack of international institutions is the primary reason for war and therefore can only be solved by forming new institutions. References Brown, C. (1992). International relations theory: New normative approaches (Vol. 327). Hemel Hempstead: Harvester Wheatsheaf. Buzan, B., & Little, R. (2000). International systems in world history: remaking the study of international relations. Oxford University Press. Deutsch, K. W. (1968). The analysis of international relations (Vol. 12). In addition Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Epstein, C. (2011). Who speaks? Discourse, the subject and the study of identity in international politics. European Journal of International Relations, 17(2), 327-350.Fox, J. (2001). Finally religion as an overlooked element of international relations. International Studies Review, 3(3), 53-73.Grant, A. J

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