Interpersonal Communications

Interpersonal Communications

The Unit 2 Assignment asks you to integrate what you’ve learned in this unit and the previous unit. And take it to a deeper level of examination through a research paper exploring the impact of recent social. And cultural events on interpersonal communication. Therefore to clarify, firstly  your goal should be to zero in how ONE significant event or trend is changing or secondly reshaping how human beings communicate and also interact with other human beings.   An obvious example is the Coronavirus pandemic, but depending on your interests. In addition you could instead choose a topic like the #MeToo movement, the Black Lives Matter movement. The murder of George Floyd, the MAGA movement, the U.S. Capitol Riot, etc. Just make sure that. Whatever you select, you remain focused on the impact to interpersonal communication – not other forms of communication (like public speaking or media/mass communication).

  PAPER REQUIREMENTS.   Consequently your paper must include approximately 5 full pages of original text, typed and double-spaced.   Additionally your paper must also make reference to a minimum of five credible sources – such as scholarly journal articles and major news publications. Therefore use SUNY Oswego Penfield Library’s Resources by Subject page to help you  start.   Sources should be referenced in APA format – including a thorough References list with corresponding in-text citations. Refer to SUNY Oswego Penfield Library’s Citing Sources page (or your own APA style manual) for guidance.     Additional Notes on Research Requirements:   ·      You should cite the course textbook if you refer to concepts from this class. It can count as one of your five sources. ·

In Summary

   Your five sources do not have to directly explain the relationship between your event of focus and interpersonal communication. In fact, you are encouraged to draw your own conclusions based on your observations/knowledge of the event and application of course concepts. Please see the Grading Rubric at the end of this document for additional grading considerations.

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