Introductory Speech Delivery – Writing Assignment

Introductory Speech Delivery

Introductory Speech Delivery and Self-Review Overview. In this assignment, you will record the speech you outlined last week and submit a self-review. Instructions Record your speech. Use the Recording a Video instructions. Refer to your outline or speaking notes to deliver a 1–2 minute speech. Do not read your notes word for word. After you have recorded your speech, watch the recording and complete the self-review with an eye on improvement and track your progress. Use the Introductory Speech Self-Review Questionnaire [DOCX] for this portion of the assignment. Submit your assignment. Use the Submit Speech Assignment instructions. Requirements your speech will be graded on the following criteria: Speech quality. Be sure the audio for the entire speech is clear and consistent. Visual quality.

Be sure the entire speech is clear and consistent and that no part of the speech is blurry or difficult to see. Speech topic focus. All parts of the speech focus on the speech topic and facilitate understanding of the main point. Time requirement. Be sure the speech meets the 1–2 minute time requirement. Delivery. Deliver the speech with strong eye contact, an expressive voice, and good nonverbal communication (including gestures or other physical movements).Effectiveness. Be sure your speech is effective by connecting well with the audience and be sure you have achieved its purpose. Submit your recorded speech and self-review. This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

Further Description

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is. Complete a speech that meets visual, content, and delivery requirements. Introductory Speech Outline: My Dream Job April Reid the Power of Effective Speaking Professor Stesha Brazil April 18, 2021. Introduction: As a child, I never had a set answer when asked what I wanted to be when I grew. Sometimes I would say, I wanted to be an artist. Other times I would say, I wanted to be an engineer. Still other times, I would say I wanted to be a writer. However, whatever my answer was, there were three constants. A desire to work independently, a need to be creative, and my family’s constant description of me as being analytical. It was not until I became a young adult that I realized that the career-best suited for a combination of these attributes is a lawyer.

I. Being a lawyer allows me to work independently. A.) A lawyer can open his/her own law practice. That is, a lawyer can work for themselves. B.) Lawyers who work in larger firms can have their own clients. Lawyers are often allowed to find their own clients or given exclusive responsibility of a client of the firm. II. As a lawyer, I can be creative. A.) Lawyers are often called on to think up creative solutions to complicated problems. B.) Lawyers deal with people. People are complex. Being creative is essential when dealing with complex problems. C.) Lawyers make use of case law, which is the creative application of old court decisions on new problems. D.) Lawyers need to adaptable to their clients, and the circumstances surrounding the case. III. Being analytical is a basic skill necessary to be an effective lawyer.

Additional Information

Firstly analytical skills are necessary for a lawyer to understand the legal problem they have to resolve. Secondly analytical skills are necessary to process the information and idea of the law, and the facts of the situation. Thirdly analytical skills are necessary to effectively apply the law to the fact of the case in order to create a resolution. Consequently analytical skills are necessary for the communication skills a lawyer relies on to get and give information. In addition analytical skills are necessary to monitor and evaluate the process and determine if changes need to be made in a legal strategy or action. V. Conclusion while many consider the legal profession as a rather glamourous undertaking, and it might be I consider it my dream career. Being a lawyer would allow me to combine my strengths and enjoy my desires.

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