Karl Marx- Wage, Labor, and Capital

Karl Marx

Drawing from two (or more) of the following readings from Marx (Wage, Labor, and Capital; The Manifesto of the Communist Party. The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts) elaborate and explicate Marx’s assessment an analysis of industrial capitalism. What are some of the unique/primary/defining characteristics of the capitalist system. Characteristics that fuel it and that ensure its continued growth?. Explore Marx’s assertion of the necessary relationship between these characteristics. And a growing inequality and rigidity of classes, specifically the increasing, and multiple layers/realities of exploitation, alienation. And de-humanization of the proletariat (the wage worker).

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Finally, wherein lies the potential for the overthrow of the capitalist system—revolution—how and what ways will revolution occur—and, for Marx, how does the demise of the capitalist system—and the potential for revolution—stem directly from capitalism’s own distinctive characteristics? Please cite as follows: For Paraphrasing, Author and Publication Date: (Lorde 1984).  For Direct Citations, Author, Publication Date, and Page Number: (Lorde 1984, 110). Please cite heavily throughout your paper—a good rule of thumb is two or more direct citations per page. I  require you to include a works cite page for your papers. There is NO required format for your works cited page, just as long as your list ALL sources (authors, texts, publication dates) you draw from in your paper, that is fine.

Additionally please note that for the Marx and Marx and Engels readings you were assigned in class. Then use these publication dates in your citations: “The Manifesto of the Communist Party,” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, published in 1847 (please use the 1847 date in your citations, even though you will be using the page numbers from a later published version). “Wage-Labor and Capital,” by Karl Marx, originally published in 1849 (please use the 1849 date in your citations, even though you will be using the page numbers from a much later published version). “The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844,” published in 1844.  Finally PLEASE ONLY USE THE 3 DOCUMENTS IVE INCLUDE FOR SOURCES. DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES OR OTHER Karl Marx READINGS

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