Letter to a college student in the future

Letter to a college student in the future

Background. You are to prepare a letter to a college student in the future that describes your social world. Your letter will be included in a time capsule to be opened in 100 years. Before you get started on your writing project, I recommend that you consider the external forces we have discussed in our threaded discussions, as well as those mentioned in the text. Think about what was most influential in your formative years—both good and bad. Include two social institutions in your discussion of the impact of external factors on the individual. Your third topic should be a social problem. *How do these (and other issues) affect your life?. Your decisions? How will they affect future generations?. Finally consider what you have learned from the study of sociological theory, and describe your social world.

Listed below are a few ideas for your social problem: Contemporary social issues such as war, crime, and political events. b. Globalization. c. Quality of life and life chances. d. Urban sprawl. e. Transportation. (Fuel availability and cost.)f. The job market. g. Technology. h. Environmental issues. i. *In your close, include some remarks about your generation’s legacy. This is an “applied” exercise. Knowledge without some useful application does not help us as we go about our daily routines. Sociology, on the other hand, is something we use every day of our lives. Also be creative and weave in ideas about your social world using your newly acquired knowledge of sociological theories and terms.

Further Description

Use your sociological imagination and make connections. Illustrate a cause and effect relationship between social structure and your daily life and decisions. 5. Since this project is a bit more personal than most assignments, let me close with the following remarks. Be careful not to reveal too much personal information . Try to remain somewhat detached and formal in your advice. I will be the only person to read the letters, and after grading, I will retain the assignments for about two semesters. Feel free to contact me with any questions about this assignment. Listed below are some my considerations when grading your letters: a. Creativity. b. Sociological concepts/terminology. c. Organization.  Finally smooth transitions.

d. Proper length. (4 to 6 pages) Adequately cover topics introduced. e. Make connections. (How will your advice help the reader?)f. Spelling/grammar. g. Include a “macro” look at society. Discuss the impact of at least two social institutions in your letter. Remember the acronym “GREEF.” (Government, Religion, Education, the Economy, and the Family.) h. Depth of insight/analysis. I. Effective introduction and conclusion. This is the layout of a high-quality letter: Page 1: Introduction/thesis statement. Secondly page 2: Discussion of your first social institution. Thirdly page 3: Discussion of your second social institution. Consequently page 4: Discussion of your social problem Page 5: Legacy/Close Page 6: Works cited

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