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LGBTQ+ Issues

Description- Clinical Social Work

The integration paper assignments are designed to help you integrate assigned readings with class discussions and professional or personal experiences. You must write 2 of them. You are to organize your writing by describing how you would integrate the readings with your practice or discipline, whether it is clinical social work, nonprofit and public management, public policy, sociology, clinical or social psychology, or another discipline. How has the reading and class material influenced your ideas about practice, policy, or research in your area?. Each paper must make substantive reference to the required readings, which can include your reactions to any of the main points made by them or questions raised by them (reactions must go beyond “I agree with…” or “I disagree with….”).

You do not need to address all social points made by the readings. Also keep in mind that you want to demonstrate that you have carefully considered the main points of the reading assignments. Therefore these assignments do not require you to refer to readings not included on the course outline, though you may choose to do so.  Consequently do not use direct quotes. In general, you should use indirect quotes (paraphrases) and must cite them appropriately. Finally references should be cited using the publication style of the American Psychological Association.

In Summary

Do not cite class notes or lectures.   Your paper will be graded on its thoughtfulness, depth, application to practice social work. Additionally use of critical thinking in reflecting on the assigned readings, as well as the accuracy with which you use terms and concepts.  Correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure, and correct use of APA publication style are basic expectations.   Each integration paper should be 5 (minimum) to 6 pages (maximum) in length, double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12-point font (page length does not include the reference page).  You do not need to include an abstract or to attach a cover or title page.  Finally sources will be provided.

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