life and work of an artist-research solution

Research on life and work of an artist.

This assignment requires you to write an essay of 5 typed pages in which you discuss the life and work of a certain artist. You will follow the essay form, include quotes, and work cited. In addition, your thesis will explain why this artist is important to the art world, and the body will discuss his/her life and work. In the body section of the paper, you will need to discuss the artist’s life in several paragraphs. Also, the school of art (“ism”) associated with the artist. In this paragraph you need to define and describe the “ism”, discuss the artist’s role in it and mention other artists also categorized as such.  A paragraph on the life and work of an artist work in general and three paragraphs analyzing in detail at least three works of the artist. For each, describe, place in a career context. Give your own thoughts on the work. You can use “I” here–connect with the “ism”. Quote from critics/writers concerning the works when possible. If possible, include copies of the works you discuss in your paper.

Research on life and work of an artist.

In addition,you will quote from five or more sources that will be listed on the works cited page. Please remember that you will need two book sources included in the following are guidelines you are to follow in the construction of these essays. Your ability to construct essays successfully will have a bearing on your grade. I will not only be looking at your ideas. In order for you to get a good grade in this class you will have to do the THREE FORMS successfully (essay, quote, work cited forms). You should construct your essays exactly as to the rules which follow.Do not plagiarize. If you copy and paste from the web the ‘originality report’ will tell me what you took and where it came from. If you do not notate/quote it correctly, you will receive an F for the paper. Please be aware of this. The idea here is for you to research the subject….read about it….then think about it a bit….THEN write the pertinent info in your own words. (Note: Don’t just change a few words from a sentence or paragraph….you will ‘get caught’.

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