Literature Review- Empirical Studies

Literature review

Assignment: Your assignment is to write a complete literature review in APA style. The literature review you submit should reflect the following components: • There should be at least four empirical studies discussed in detail. Whenever you discuss a study, you must summarize the following pieces of information about it: -The research question the authors were investigating  -What they hypothesized – How they conducted the study (i.e., their methods)  – What they found – How those study’s findings relate to the current research question you are interested in There should be a clear research question that the literature review is trying to answer. This research question should be woven throughout your literature review (not just discussed in one sentence at the end of your literature review).


Your discussion of every study should be in your own words. There should still be accompanying citations, but you should be paraphrasing what the other research studies discuss. There cannot be more than two direct quotes in your paper. The writing should show a good understanding of the peer-reviewed articles. The writing should also be clear, concise, and informative. Make sure to proofread and follow instructions. Do not speak in first or second person (this means you should never have the words “I”, “you”, “we”, “me” or anything else that suggests you are conversing with the reader informally. Your paper should be in third person. Formatting: The paper must be in APA format. All parts of your manuscript should have double-space with 1” margins on every side. The font should be 12pt Times New Roman.

You also need to use the header option on your word processor to give your manuscript a running head and page numbers. See below for paper section requirements and how your paper should be structured. Paper Section Requirements: Title Page: Include title, your name, and institution.

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