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Assignment Topic: Little Red Riding Hood Essay



Little Red Riding Hood  Many adults today tend to take literally the things said in fairy tales. Whereas we should  view them as symbolic renderings of crucial life experiences. Bruno Bettelheim The Assignment:  3-6 pages Times New Roman. Double-spaced.   Construct your own reading of two texts from this unit–either “Wolfland” or “The Company of Wolves,” and either Roald Dahl’s or Olga Brouma’s “Little Red Riding Hood”—as retellings of the classic fairy tale. What “crucial life experiences” do they render symbolically?. In what significant ways do they revise the original fairy tale*? . We know why we repeat stories , as we discuss in class, but how do they go about changing things enough to keep pace with new audiences, values, cultures, and outlooks on life?.

What issues of the day, for instance, are rendered symbolically through the familiar icons of the original tale and why might this shift be important?  One Final way in which we can explore is to bring the movie Red Riding Hood in order to make a connection of symbols and values through these “retellings”.    Drive home a thesis of your own by making an argument concerning these elements, their significance, how we might relate.

Also incorporating the texts and class discussion as support, to ultimately produce an analytical essay. Classic symbols whose meanings might have changed significantly include: the wolf, red hood/cap/cape/shawl, the woods, the flowers, the basket, the woodcutter, the grandma, the mom, the classic moral. * For the purposes of this paper, you may consider either the Perrault or Brothers Grimm version of “Little Red Riding Hood” as the original—whichever is closer to the version you absorbed as a child

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