Living Through Personal Crisis

Dicuss thw book “Living Through Personal Crisis” and show how it applies to you.

Living Through Personal Crisis

In Part I of your paper, discuss the stories that touched or taught you something from Living Through Personal Crisis and any crisis events you have experienced in growing up or in your adult life thus far. If you have suffered the death of a loved one, grieved over a divorce (your own or your parents’ divorce). Suffered the break up of a significant love relationship. Suffered because of an accident, illness, experience of violence, an abortion, a shattered dream, sexual abuse . Substance abuse in your family, family alienation or any other major loss. Discuss how this book sheds light on the grief and healing process you have been through. How have loss experiences enabled you to grow stronger and wiser?. What stages of healing described in Living Through Personal Crisis do you recognize in yourself or remember going through?.

Demonstrate that you have read the entire book NOT by giving a book report. But by relating your own experiences to the book in specific ways Explain how you can personally relate to the stages of grief described and in the book’s examples of various people working through a personal crisis or loss experience. Option: If you have been very fortunate and have not yet experienced a significant loss or crisis (or if you are uncomfortable writing a personal paper as described here), you may write a paper about a loved one’s loss experience as it relates to the stages of grief and healing in the assigned book.

Be sure to demonstrate – in detail – that you’ve read the entire book and explain how you can use it to give comfort and support to someone who is grieving an important loss of some kind. Explain which stories in the book most apply to the person you’re writing about.


In this section of your paper, Firstly discuss fully the important ways you have been able to identify with the ideas presented in Dr. Stearns’ class. lectures based on Dr. Missildine’s book, Your Inner Child of the Past. Secondly where do you see yourself (as a child and now as an adult) in the pathogens of Perfectionism.  Over- coercion, Over-submissiveness, Punitiveness and/or Neglect? List your own relevant adult traits which have be described in the class lectures on each of the pathogens that fit you. Describe the childhood you experienced and say how these childhood experiences fit a particular pathogen. Explain the adult problems that result from this pathogen, and fully explain what you can do to become a better parent to yourself.

What specific actions can you take to grow in self-esteem, for instance, and what steps can you take to improve your love, friendship and/or family and work relationships as a result of your new insights?

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