Climate Change-Localizing the Effects

Localizing the Effects

In this section of your project, you’ll outline the ways in which climate change impacts are currently harming or expected to harm your community (Fort Myers, FL. You’ll want to carefully lay out concepts related to vulnerability. Direct and indirect impacts (especially as we think about impacts on people). And most importantly what we can do to adapt to these changes we’re experiencing and expect to experience in the future. Each prompt are usually 300 – 500 words Prompts: 1. Introduce the concept of vulnerability and its three components. Provide brief examples (we’ll dig in to this more deeply in Prompts 2 and 3). Of the people, places, and things in your community that are most vulnerable to a changing climate.

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Think of this prompt as an introduction for Prompts 2 and 3, in which you’ll go into more detail about specific vulnerabilities in your community.    2. Consequently illustrate the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on human health. By offering examples of each and demonstrating your clear understanding of the differences between these two categories. Additionally, you’ll focus your examples on your community or region as much as you can. But also if there’s a particularly useful example you want to include that’s not currently directly applicable to your community, that could be fine, too.   3. Further discuss the impacts on the place itself. Think about the unique characteristics of your community. Also how that will translate into the impacts it experiences.

Think about the food and water systems, the built infrastructure, and the coastline (if applicable), and do so in terms of the economic drivers of your community. (For example, if your community/region is a big agricultural area – what do the observed and expected changes to weather and climate you talked about in Unit 1 mean for your area’s ability to thrive?) 4. Time to bring Unit 2 home on a positive note! We’re not powerless against the impacts of climate change. Discuss the types of adaptation measures your community could focus on to build its resiliency to these impacts – focusing not just on the climate impact minimization benefits but on other co-benefits to the community as well. You’ll want to highlight why adaptation measures implemented at the local scale make a lot of sense.

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