Multi-Project – Program Environment in Movie Production

Managing the Multi-Project/Program Environment in Movie Production

Project Management. Here is the complete question -Select a case. In addressing the questions below, identify an example of a multi-project scenario from your own work experience. Then choose TWO topic areas from the list below and, for each topic area, answer the following in the format. 1 (a), (b) and (c); 2 (a), (b) and (c):(a). Compare and contrast the similarities and differences with the chosen topic area (e.g. leadership) for projects, programs, and portfolios (15 marks). (b) Considering the key multi-project factors from part (a) above and focusing on the chosen topic area. Critically evaluate how effectively the overall portfolio/program  and the associated projects for the selected case were managed (15 marks).

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(c) Propose recommendations for improvement for multi-project success in your selected case based on the chosen topic area in relation to best practice from appropriate literature sources identified in part (a) above (10 marks).Topic areas:1) Performance Management2) Resource Management3) Communication and Progress Reporting4) Team Structure5) Governance1) Critically evaluate the appropriate principles, philosophies, human factors, management structures, and success factors when managing portfolios, programs, and projects in the multi-project environment.2) Analyze, justify, and where applicable apply the most appropriate tools, methods, or approaches considering the associated human, financial, time, and business implications or benefits when managing portfolios, programs, and projects in the multi-project environment.

3) Demonstrate competence in application when managing change and project, programs, and portfolio performance in an uncertain and complex organizational environment. To answer the above questions work on the below two topic areas2) Resource Management3) Communication and Progress Reporting Answer them with a perspective of a film producer who is simultaneously working on 2 films. Use equal word counts for both topics. Attaching some materials that address project management in movie production.

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