Mark Ritson presentation – Beyond Digital Marketing

Mark Ritson presentation – Beyond Digital Marketing

Please only use the following structure for your coursework:1 –Introduction (about 200 words)Introduce your coursework to the reader. What is the structure and purpose of the coursework and what are its main ideas?2 – Main body (about 1600 words)In order to evaluate the video – you have to provide the following sections in your main body:(Please use relevant subheading in the main body of the report to guide the reader)A. Discuss positive/valuable aspects of social media marketing. You must support your discussion with the relevant theories which you learnt in this module. Also, you must use relevant and up-to-date examples in order to support your discussion. (About900-1000 words)Note: In this section students must demonstrate knowledge/evaluation ideas of:- marketing theory and how it can be incorporated and applied within a social media context;

The importance of interdisciplinary research perspectives in understanding digital consumption;- perspectives on consumer communities and value co-creation apply to contemporary social media marketing practice. B. Summarize Mark Ritson’s video. What are the main ideas, issues and concerns raised by Mark? Include discussion of 2-3 articles which you have found that support Mark’s claims and ideas. (About 400-500 words)C. Finally, based on the thoughts, ideas and evaluations you have developed in sections A and B, explain and discuss how organizations should use Social Media Marketing in their overall Integrated Marketing Communication plan (IMC). You have to demonstrate your own informed opinion and understanding of Social Media Marketing and its usefulness/value.

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Note: In this section students must demonstrate knowledge/evaluation ideas of: p. 10- how marketers foster and develop social media consumer engagement and the strategies that are used to maintain it;- privacy concerns regarding social media and the importance of consumer digital rights;- understanding the importance of social media to ongoing marketer-consumer relationships and how to harness its power to create meaningful brandconversations.3 – Conclusion (about 200 words)Provide a strong and informative conclusion of the coursework and its main ideas together with a conclusion.4 – References (not included in the word-count)Please use Harvard referencing style following Cite Them Right.

Useful advice:- Note please that whatever you believe about the video, you MUST argue your stance using knowledge that you have acquired over the course of this module.- Please be very clear about what you are being tested on in this assignment: you are being tested on your knowledge, thinking skills and general skills – Carefully read the Assessment Criteria (Appendix 2)- It is essential that you watch carefully the Mark Ritson video. This provides another point of view of Social Media Marketing. You areto include an “informed discussion” (i.e. using what you have learnt in this module) on his point of view.

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