Dance – Masculinity in Hip-Hop

Masculinity in Hip-Hop Dance

More details on Reporting via Slide Presentation You will compile your research into 15-20 slides. Required information includes: Title slide Locate at least 5 resources that you will use for your research project; 4 of these must be text or film documentaries. Submit this list in MLA format. This is the first draft of your Works Cited page/slide. These sources can change for your final submission; however the more accurate work you do now, the less you will have to re-do later. Consider what information you will need to complete your project Look first through our class readings. What have we already read that has information which will support your project? Look for ‘reliable sources’. Reliable sources provide thorough, well-researched information. Something like Dance Magazine, the Archives at Jacob’s Pillow, Society of Dance History Scholars, chapters of printed books, and similar.

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Depending on your topic, something like a self-published blog may be appropriate but do consider how experienced the writer is in the topic they are writing on. Video documentaries also count as part of your Resources List. Video examples of movement, artists, and similar also count. Look for which may provide the most clear images for your topic. Note: Don’t you dare put Wikipedia on here! Before Using PowerPoint create an outline on Microsoft word. Consider choosing something that you are very curious about and/or want others to know more about. Consider how you can Describe & Analyze this topic Consider which Critical Lens(s) you will include as part of your Analysis Consider how you want to report on this topic: Research Paper or Slide Presentation (text, pictures, & videos) Consider how your audience will take in this information.

Firstly what do you find most engaging in a learning setting?. Secondly what grabs your attention? What loses your attention, i.e. is ‘boring’? How can you deliver the most information-packed material in the most engaging Thesis slide Socio-cultural Context (pay particular attention to the arc of History to Contemporary Identity) Text-based Descriptions Text-based Analysis through Critical Lens (es)1-4 clear videos *Dance is visual. These must support your text, not replace it! 1-4 clear photo images *Dance is visual. These must support your text, not replace it! In-text citations > when using a direct quote from a source or an idea that is particularly unique Works Cited page listed resources for your research. Submission: You will submit your Report to this portal.

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