Media artifact for analysis

Media artifact for analysis

Object: choosing an object/media artifact for analysis Appropriate: Choose an object/media artifact that fits the requirements. Make sure the object is appropriate. Doable: When choosing on artifact for analysis the key word is “manageable.” Avoid choosing topics that are too broad or too narrow. Focus on one image/ad/ movie. Look at the word/page requirements and develop a full argument that fits those limits. Rich: Choose something that you love or hate (passion is an excellent motivator for critical thinking), but also, more importantly, choose an object you feel you have something to say about, an artifact rich in issues that can be discussed. Make sure you have enough supporting material to make your argument:

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Textual evidence from the object itself (image, movie, etc.)Theoretical concepts used to explicate the object. Supporting evidence from other sources.  Theory: choosing theory/concepts/articles to support your argument“ You can only see in an artifact what you already know” – this means that a close reading of the text/artifact/object should prompt you to think back to the theory covered in class and use the concepts or theories in support of your claims about the artifact. The goal is to use these concepts to help you understand and explain what that particular artifact does. In addition use specific concepts and theories as needed to make your argument (not general statements, general ideas).

Argument: making an argument about the object supported by theory In every paper you make an argument, meaning, you start with a claim about the object (this image means this or that) and spend the rest of the paper proving your claim (bringing evidence form the media object itself and theoretical support). You must persuade the reader that your claim has merit. To do that, you have to assume the reader will disagree with every claim you make. The burden of proving your claim to be true/have merit is on you. Finally do not assume the reader knows your object or the theory you use yet is capable of understanding if explained properly.

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