Medical Education – Clinical Teaching Assignment


Medical Education – Clinical Teaching

 Assignment Description

 I have attached the assignment descriptions and requirements. It is a total of 3500 words+/-10%. In the attachment you will find the instructions. The FAQ (very important for writer to read through when completing the various sections of the assignment). And sample rubric against which we will be marked. I am also attaching a copy of the course material that will need. To make reference to for parts of the tasks as on the outline in the instructions. Please use APA referencing. I am also attaching the Cover page on which the assignment will need to be completed. You need to complete the self reflection boxes on the cover page as well.

I am also sending you examples of previous essay that passed for reference. Note: For this final assignment Part A and B are based on a teaching session/tutorial that had to be delivered. As such please base this on a teaching session I delivered in a grand rounds presentation on NAFLD: Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease which was 1 hour in duration. This was delivered to a large group but the key learners were 4 GI (gastro) residents. Due to COVID this was delivered virtually via Zoom video conferencing. You can say Feedback forms were collected following the session the day after. Note that Part A is written in 3rd person and Part B is in 1st person as specified in the requirements.

In Summary

Please create an appendix for the assignment like shown in the examples (including Gagnes 9 step lesson plan, completed peer review checklist and comments, completed learners evaluations and comments). I will add the powerpoint slides of the actual presentation myself so don’t worry about that. For part A for development of learning outcomes please use Bloom’s taxonomy model as used in the examples. For part A – make sure it is not too much description as it is mainly an ANALYSIS as such a lot of the descriptors go into the appendix. In summary you are receiving: 1) Assignment requirements document 2) Cover page 3) Course Material 4) Assignment Example 1 5) Assignment Example 2

Attached Files


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