Middle Adulthood Development- Physical Aspects

Middle Adulthood Development. 

 Middle Adulthood Table of Contents Physical Development in Middle Adulthood Famed sociologist and social demographer. Lois Verbrugge said, “…midlife is a mix of new opportunities. And expanding resources accompanied by incipient declines in physical abilities and some distinct losses.  As you can imagine, or may even personally experience, this can be frustrating. You have finally developed the self-awareness and confidence that you lacked in your 20s. But now your body may not allow you to participate in physical activities with the same vigor that you once did. The physical decline isn’t always due to natural causes. Sometimes poor lifestyle choices in early adulthood like substance abuse, poor diet choices. And a lack of sleep can all exacerbate physical decline in middle age.

But don’t worry! Life doesn’t end in middle adulthood physically!. Not at all!. Men and women report sexual activity to be just as fulfilling in their middle age as they did in their early adulthood. Although sexual activity isn’t as frequent, that doesn’t diminish its satisfying qualities. Cognitive Development in Middle Adulthood Many adults who fall into the age range of 40 to 65 can be heard lamenting. I can’t find my car keys!” or “I have no idea why I walked into this room.” But is that a sign of cognitive decline due to age, or could it be that they are just overwhelmed? During middle adulthood, you could have a number of responsibilities including work, raising young children, and possibly caring for aging parents.

Research has shown that while things like working memory and processing speed begin to decline in middle adulthood, expertise shows up more in middle adulthood! .

In summary

That’s right, what you have worked so hard for all of these years becomes evident to those around you and you become the trusted sage that everyone looks to for the answers in your field. Additionally, leisure and religion/spirituality can all play a very important role in the identity of individuals in their middle age. After reading the assigned chapters for this week, ask yourself the following questions: If a person enters middle life and starts to experience cognitive declines, could this be a factor in having to change jobs? Not all people are not religious or spiritual, what are some ways they find meaning in their lives?. And finally  Socioemotional Development.

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