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HIST 4233: AMERICAN MILITARY HISTORY  EXAM THREE SPRING 2021. Please ensure that all essay responses conform to the instructions outlined in the course syllabus. Firstly upload responses as a Word document no later than 5:00pm, March 26. Responses may draw from class lectures and primary source readings. We  also prohibit internet and other sources. The university’s Turn It In plagiarism system will detect the use of any unauthorized source. Please place both essays in one document. The university’s Turn It In system will scan each submission for plagiarism, use of unauthorized sources, and/or unethical conduct. Any violation of the university Honor Code will be directed immediately to the Honor Council. Consequently choose two of the following on which to write. Also please provide the number of the essay on which you write.

In addition each essay comprises 50 total points, each of which will be added together to form the final exam grade. “The United States waged four major military conflicts between 1865 and 1900. Reconstruction, the wars against Native Americans, the Spanish-American War, and the Filipino War—each characterized by similarities and distinct differences.” Further explain this statement. Therefore what factors unite the similarities and reveal the differences in each conflict? Why did the United States exert far less military force in combatting the Reconstruction insurgency than it did in the other three conflicts? Use specific information to support your answer. “Between the Spanish-American War and World War I, American foreign and military policies were defined by a combination of realistic, moralistic, and idealistic visions.”

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Explain this statement. What is a foreign/military policy based on idealism and moralism; on realism? According these various and contradictory considerations, how did the United States justify entering and waging the Spanish-American War and World War I? Based on realistic, moralistic, and/or idealistic calculations, to what extent did the United States achieve its objectives in each conflict? Use specific information to support your answer. “The problem of ending wars plagued American military operations during Reconstruction, the Spanish-American War, and World War I.” Explain this statement. How did the United States envision and plan for peace to unfold in the wake of each conflict? To what extent were the ends of Reconstruction, Spanish-American War, and World War I reveal that waging peace is just as difficult as waging war? Use specific information to support your answer.

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