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Mill’s Harm Principle is an important one. What is it and why is it central to Mill’s positioning? Apply it to at least three (3) different everyday scenarios and assess its effectiveness.     I WOULD LIKE THIS WRITTEN IN SIMPLE WORDS NOTHING FANCY OR TOO WORDY!!   EASY TO FOLLOW AND UNDERSTAND WRITING AND SIMPLE STRAIGHT FORWARD CONCEPTS.                              General Guidelines. In your paper, you should: Have a thesis statement or statements at the end of your introductory paragraph. Give each of your paragraphs a topic sentence that indicates how it furthers your argument Document your claims with citation, if not quotations from the text(s) you are writing about.

The easiest form of citation is to use a footnote or endnote after your first citation/quotation, in which you state, for example, that “All citations will be to Aristotle, The Politics, trans. W.D. Ross, in Classics of Political & Moral Philosophy, Steven M. Cahn, ed. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2012)” or whatever text you are using. After that you simply put the page number and/or lines in parentheses after the quotation or citation. Think of possible objections to your claims and or arguments and try to respond to them. Demonstrate that you have thought about the question from more than one perspective (and trust me, there are always multiple answers to the questions).


Conclude your paper not by re-stating your argument in summary form; but rather, by attempting to analyze or explain the significance or further implications of your answer to the question. Tell your reader why your answer to the question matters. Most of the texts we are reading raise very difficult issues. When you begin to explore them, you should be led from one question or level of consideration to another. Grading Criteria: The Critical Essay Assignments will be graded on the basis of how well you make use of and interpret the different readings for this course; on the clarity of your paper; on your ability to identify, articulate, and critically analyze significant points. All sources must be fully cited and documented. Any paper which does not cite textual materials to support its contentions is deficient.

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