Mini-essays – Writing Revision Assignment


Now that you have completed your first exam for BIOL1107, you may submit a series of mini-essays to revise your incorrect answers and earn up to 25 % of your missed credit back, as well as an additional 5 point bonus. You will be able to earn additional credit back through exam forgiveness by improving your performance on the Exam 2 portion of the final exam. Do not underestimate the challenge of this assignment. If you did not earn full credit on the exam it means that you did not study adequately. This assignment will show you how you could have prepared, and teach you how to do this for future assignments. Your revision must convince me that you now fully understand each learning objective.

To do this will require a minimum of 4 long sentences for simple items, and quite a bit more (up to a half a page page) for complex ones. If you earned a 50-60% on the exam expect this to take at least 4 pages. You should also hand draw or create figures and include them in your response as shown in the model that I have attached here. Each essay should address: What was the correct answer to the question? Why was this answer correct? Describe the topics involved in this question as if you were “Teaching” it to a high-school biology student At least once in each Revision assignment Reflect on how you could better prepare to excel on future quizzes and exams. Reflect on how well you implemented your previous plans for studying and describe how you might modify them.

In Summary

Format: Your assignments must be typed (with the exception of figures that you embed in your text) You must submit them as a .docx or .pdf file to the Husky CT assignment Instructions for how to convert files to a .pdf can be found here Instructions for how to complete an exam revision can be found here, though some content may be a little outdated as this is from a former course.

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