Modern America Since 1865- Essay Writing

History 102-05/Modern America Since 1865- Essay writing

For the midterm exam, you will answer two of the following three questions. Submit your essays together in one document, separated by a couple of line breaks. Each of your answers will be worth 50 points, for a total of up to 100 points. Each of your two answers should be structured as an essay that includes:·  A clear thesis (argument) in the first paragraph. ·  Careful attention to spelling, grammar, and essay organization/structure.·  Specific and detailed information (dates, places, full names, etc.) about the people, events, and movements being discussed. You draw this information  from lectures and course readings.

Direct quotes from at least TWO different primary sources assigned for class (from Canvas or the “Documents” sections of our Edwards textbook), footnoted in University of Chicago/Turabian formatting. You can to use primary sources present to a different focus group if you wish. ·  At least ONE direct quote or paraphrased information from the main chapters of our Edwards textbook, footnoted in University of Chicago/Turabian formatting. · àThis means that each essay will have at least three footnotes and will cite at least three sources, for a total of at least six footnotes for the whole exam.

Additional information:

 Essays should be about 2–3 pages in length, for about 4–6 pages total. There is no penalty for essays that are longer than 3 pages. Essays that are shorter than 2 pages may not contain enough information to fully answer the question. ·  You may cite information from class lectures using the following format: o  Sarah Koenig, “Title of Lecture,” Date. ·  While you may study for the midterm with other classmates, your midterm  essays must be your own unique work. Plagiarized essays will receive no credit and will be subject to college disciplinary policy. ·  You may use lecture notes, Edwards, class worksheets and handouts, and our course Canvas articles in the exam. No additional sources (books or articles not on the syllabus, Wikipedia, etc.) should be used in the exam.

The questions are designed to be answered by our course materials alone. Use of outside sources will be penalized. Use of uncited outside sources constitutes plagiarism. If you are not able to find the information you need for a question, please contact Professor Koenig. ·  Extensions and Late Submissions:o  Because this is a take-home essay exam, extensions are available by emailed request. Except in cases of unexpected emergency, extensions must be requested by 11:59pm Tuesday, March 23 (48 hours before the assignment due date). o  Because this is a take-home essay exam, you may submit your midterm late. Late work will be subject to the usual late deduction of 3 points per day late.

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