Modernity in Todays Life – Challenges


Senior Seminar: Modernity and its Challenges   The central assignment of Senior Seminar is an extended, independent research project. You will produce an original, high-quality research paper on a subject that fascinates and intrigues you, and you will share your research with your classmates in a presentation.  You can select any topic related to modernity and life in today’s world for this project. As with any research project, however, your work should begin with a clear and focused question, problem, or observation.  You should also ensure your work is led by a central argument made in dialogue with scholarly literature you have sourced; your paper should not merely be a descriptive essay “about” a topic.

Integrate course ideas within your paper to demonstrate your understanding of modernity as a theoretical and historical concept. The rubric on Blackboard gives information on how your paper and presentation will be graded. Research Paper Guide: –  Your paper on modernity and its challenges should be approximately 15 pages in length (approx. 7500 words), excluding Abstract, footnotes/endnotes, and bibliography.  – You must have an abstract at the beginning of your paper of about 300 words. This summarises your entire paper.  – You should find and use at least 10 academic sources in the paper, excluding readings from the syllabus. The bibliography should list all the sources that you have used in the paper. –  Cite all references and quotations  within the paper using a standard referencing style.

In Summary

You can include photos/graphs/charts etc in your paper.  The following is a suggested way to organize your paper:  – Abstract   – Introduction including your research question(s)/issue(s) to be investigated/analysed . Literature review/discussion of previous research. Research methods used (if applicable) – Discussion of your findings/analysis/your argument (this should be the longest section of the paper) . Finally the Conclusion

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