Multimodal/Multimedia – Research Project

Multimodal/Multimedia Research Project

Multimodal/Multimedia Research Project (approaches elaborated)re·searchnoun1. the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new [original] conclusions The objectives for your research paper are as follows:. Become familiar with library resources and information systems. Uncover background information, key terms, context, and existing conversation surrounding a given subject. Articulate a focused research question and define a manageable scope for the project. Identify and differentiate disciplinary approaches in the Academy in order to process gathered information and complement your own approach to the subject. Preview and critically evaluate source material and distinguish between popular and scholarly resources.

Move beyond debate-style, report, or simple synthesis towards analytical research grounded in primary source material. Coordinate multiple sources and strategically balance how these sources critically advance your own ideas. Understand the basics of academic integrity and ethical use of intellectual property For this assignment, you’ll undertake a research project on a topic of your choice. The project culminates in a multimodal/multimedia project. First, you’ll select a topic and devise a central research question to be answered by the end of the project (remember — writing as process, not as product — do not take the “blueprint” approach). You’ll then formulate your own ideas about the topic, possibly by careful analysis of primary source material. After you’ve established some initial ideas, you’ll generate related keywords and search for secondary sources using the library’s databases.

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Not all of the sources you find will be useful, so you’ll undergo a process of evaluating each and restarting your search as needed. Once you’ve settled on a few sources, you’ll analyze them, engage them critically, annotate them, and put them into conversation with each other. After all this searching and note-taking and questioning and thinking/rethinking your ideas, you’ll be ready to compose begin the construction of your project. The task may sound daunting, which is why we start this process right after mid-term. The first step is to generate a general topic. The second step is to look for secondary sources utilizing library resources. The third step is to write a research proposal. You will submit an annotated bibliography and, perhaps, present your project to the class. You are required to use at least five (5) secondary scholarly sources.

Research Proposal (1-2 pp. in length) It’s essential to articulate early on in the research process what your central topic questions and goals are for research. This assignment will help you set the trajectory for your project. You have already started discussion of your topic to some extent in the Dissoi Logoi, and this will be your chance to formalize what you hope to do. The format of this assignment is up to you, but you might consider including something from the following:. A working title that conveys your focus, research questions, or initial idea. The title of the text from which this project evolves and what element you’ll respond to. An explanation, description, or summary of any primary texts.

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Your research question or key questions you hope to answer as you being your research. An articulation of your goals for the project. Keywords that you plan to use when conducting research and framing your argument. Any sources you’ve already consulted with or plan to explore. A description of who else might care about this topic or an overview of why the topic is so interesting/worth looking into further (answering Who Cares? or, of course, So What?. What media will you use (infographic, website, Twitter page, etc.)

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