Nursing – Research Synthesis Project

 Nursing- Research Synthesis Project

Nursing Research Synthesis Project .The purpose of this project is to allow students to synthesize evidence on a clinical NURSING problem. Therefore this assignment involves the finding, evaluating and disseminating evidence-based practice recommendations on a selected clinical problem to their classmates as professional peers.  Complete this project  individually.   In addition review the approved topics list below.  Consequently note that all of these topics have a nursing intervention.  Additionally, all topics contain the necessary components to write a PICO question.  I want you to imagine you are working in one of these settings and you are given a task to evaluate an intervention that will improve care for patients in this setting.  You also know that the intervention will base on evidence- and you want to make the case for using, or not using, this particular intervention.

You will review the existing literature and then present a brief slide presentation to your peers.  Projects like these take place all the time in hospital units and outpatient settings. This is very representative of the type of projects you may be asked to complete as a bachelor’s prepared Knight Nursing!. Approved Topics Kangaroo Care to improve neonatal outcomes CAUTI protocols in elderly patients to reduce incidence of UTI’s Apps. Smartphones to reduce weight in adults in an outpatient setting. Community based nursing interventions for asthma in pediatric patients Sepsis bundle protocols in the ICU/ED for early identification of sepsis. Complementary/Alternative therapies to reduce pain in oncology patients Mindfulness interventions to reduce anxiety for adults .

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Fall protocols to prevent injury in adult patients. Effectiveness of nursing residency programs on retention of new nurses. Effectiveness of simulation (manikin-based) in nursing education Technology/apps/telehealth to improve adolescent mental healthGuidelines Select a clinical nursing intervention from the provided list.  If you would like to use a different intervention, please email the instructor for prior approval to ensure your idea is feasible and appropriate for the assignment.  Finally because the nursing assignment uses the PICO model, your topic MUST have an intervention and focus on outcomes.

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