Open- ended Questions- American Government

Open- ended Questions- American Government

The half-semester response is a longer version of the Week Responses. You pose a question that you are  with after each half of the semester, not just one week’s topic or materials. This does not mean you need to or try to cover or mention everything discussed during that period. Your curiosity should drive these responses. The point is not to answer the question by the end of the response, but to fully explore it.   Check Files –> Assignment Guidelines for one example of a half semester response to model your own after. Rubric: A successful Half-Semester Response… asks an open-ended question.  Open-ended questions have multiple, potential answers and go for depth, rather than breadth. (“What year was the Constitution signed?” is a close-ended question; “Why do so many parts of the Constitution remain controversial today?” is an example of an open-ended question).

Tries to answer some of these questions: What are the possible effects and implications of what we covered this half-semester? What is another way to look at the topic? Alsohat information in this half-semester’s readings, lectures, and other materials help you partially answer the question? .Further what additional information do you think would help you answer the question? Why is it an important question to ask?  What makes you ask the question, and why should it be important to others? is clearly edited, with few to no typos or grammatical errors. demonstrates thorough reading of the texts, consumption of the lectures, and participation in the discussion boards. focuses more on ideas and arguments framed through materials (readings, lectures, discussion boards) by mentioning them directly, and citing them  ] but at the end of the day have basic human rights that guarantee them safety and life.

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When I look at some of the injustices in our society, it makes me think that when one thing is somewhat resolved, another pops up. Also, what counts as inequality? Do we just look at race or sexual orientation or financial status? If we are considering economic security, it is almost impossible to see a future that is equal for all in a society that heavily values democracy and free markets. Knowing what we can do to achieve universal equality could help to break this down into more manageab

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