Oral History Project

Oral History Project

In this assignment, you will compare a person’s memory of an event prior to 2000 to a journalist’s report, then create a finished project. A video with tips on how to perform an interview is available here. The ground rules for this assignment are as follows: First, you need to find a person who is older than you — a family member is fine — and ask them about some news, sport or cultural event that happened BEFORE the year 2000 that they remember. They do not have to be a direct participant but have watched the event on television.

If you are able, make an audio or video recording of your questions and their answers so that you may refer to their story as you prepare your project. Try to get your subject to recall specific details of what they were doing when the event happened. Don’t try to get their entire life history, just a specific event.

Also, ask if they have any photographs of the event, or of themselves at the time they recall. Scan or capture these images for use in your project. Make sure you have permission from your subject to use their likeness. If you absolutely cannot find someone, please contact me before March 25. Once you have interviewed your subject, find a newspaper article about the same event in the NVCC library databases. This article will be part of your project. You should consider how the journalist wrote about the same event. Does it sound different or similar to the interview you captured years later? The third part of your project should be a comparison between the two accounts. Why do you think they were different? The final project is due by April 8. Please review the following ways you may submit your project.

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As a written document of 3-5 pages in length, discussing what the interview was about and comparing the event as your subject saw it and how the journalist reported it. As a PowerPoint presentation. This would be a good choice if you have multiple images. The PowerPoint should include the same information asked for in the written version. As an audio podcast. This can be up to 20 minutes in length. You are welcome to edit the audio, add narration, and put a music track in the appropriate places. The same rules for the written document need to be applied to the podcast. Choose this option if you have some experience in working with sound. The project can be created in Canvas Studio and uploaded to the Canvas Cloud Storage. As a video production.

This can be up to 20 minutes in length. You are welcome to edit in any elements such as graphics, music, and captured footage. The same rules for the written document need to be applied to your video production. Please only choose this option if you have some experience in video production and are familiar with Canvas Studio. Everyone should submit their projects to Canvas. Contact me if you are having difficulties. Grading: The total possible score will be 200

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